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Why Are European Cranes So Popular?


European cranes are a concept different from traditional cranes. European cranes have the characteristics of small occupation space, overall flexibility, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, safe operation, advanced technology, good maintenance-free performance, and high work continuity rate, so they are widely used in all walks of life.

European cranes have a more compact structure and lower height through optimized design. Under the same plant conditions, the installation of European cranes can increase the lifting height. If the European-style crane is used in the new workshop, the height of the workshop can be reduced; if the European-style crane is used in the automobile transformation, the transformation cost can be reduced.

European-style crane components are lightweight, technical application is flexible, and the main beam is optimally designed. European direct drive, variable frequency drive and other new energy-saving technologies. European cranes use the world's leading crane optimization design and variable frequency drive technology. The crane has the characteristics of smaller size, lighter weight, better maintenance-free performance, stable operation, accurate positioning and longer working time.